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Sunny dancing cutely/sexily. can’t decide. 

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"Always Here" event by Thai SONE

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Srsly next time ask Seobaby instead, this Byuntaeng’s forever unreliable I mean WHUTDOYOUEXPECT the opportunity was right in front of her!! >.<

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the football players be like ㅎuㅎ

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When the halmeoni turns to wave again…

When the halmeoni turns to wave again…

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you bad, bad, bad boy you so bad

all i hear/see/register is *spank spank spank spank spank* *perverted thoughts* mwhahaha

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jessica please. you’re illegal lil’ midget!


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Fail Kim Choding

cutie jessica n lmao hyoyeonnie hehhe

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she’s so goddamn sexy even with a mask on hnghhh

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